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Play your Wordle Share score in Conway's Life!

Hey, nerds, isn't it funny how the Wordle Scores can look like a glider in that old computer programming exercise, Conway's Life?

Glider image from Conwaylife.org, it looks like an 8-bit staple gun
  1. Paste your wordle share below and submit to convert it to a Conway's Life file so you can run it (to learn more about Conway's Life, read this).

  2. Click "Submit" and an RLE format file made for Conway's Game of Life will appear in the box below and get loaded into the Life Viewer.

  3. Watch your Wordle score play LIFE!

    If the RLE is correct, it should be loaded in the Life Viewer, and so you are ready to go!

    • For best results with the Life Viewer, you may adjust the default Zoom and the playback speed, then press the Play button:

    • Press "[Pause]" when it seems stable.

This should work with the share/copy button in wordle, or copy/pasting your friends' wordles out of Discord or wherever as well. See whose Wordle Score runs the coolest!

If it doesn't seem to be working:

  1. If there is extra text or lines in your paste, you might not get a valid file in the box above, so look and make sure it looks like a proper RLE file, for example:

    #C Wordle 235 3/6
    x = 5,y = 3
    GPS 3
    ZOOM 23
    STOP 100

    (the main thing that needs to be right are the first 3 lines. If the 3rd line has any colon : symbols, just try deleting them. The stuff between double brackets aren't part of the RLE but are comments that set some defaults for the Life Viewer)

    For details about the Life RLE file format above, read this.

  2. You can also copy the contents of the Conway Life box above and try it somewhere else:
    1. go to a Conway's Life site, such as this one at copy.sh or this one at lazyslug.com and load and run your file.
      1. specifically for the one at copy.sh:
      2. Press the [Import] button at the top
      3. paste in your Life file contents in the box and press [Import]
      4. It will put up a box telling you it loaded your Wordle, press [OK]
      5. Press the [Run] button and watch your Wordle score play LIFE!

Made in February 2022

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